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Another Disappointing Loss
A lead going into the fourth quarter, only to be erased in the final minutes. That lead could be used for many of the Sixers games, just pick the opponent of the day. Tonight's opponent: Atlanta Hawks.

The big change for the Sixers for this game was the subtraction of Evan Turner from the starting lineup, as he was replaced by Jodie Meeks. Meeks made his first career NBA start. Collins made the c...
Finally Something To Be Thankful For
Finally, the one thing that every team wants: a win. Not just a win, but an emphatic win. Led by Jrue Holiday, the Sixers pulled off a 16 point win over the Nets.

The game was close up to the fourth quarter, with the score tied at 66. Led by a group consisting of Lou Williams, Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young and Tony Battie, the Sixers steadily pulled away, shooting 79% for the quart...
Thaddeus Young Finally Gets Going
Thaddeus Young hasn't had much of an impact on the Sixers this season, but the last few games he has begun to show flashes of the potential we saw in his rookie and sophomore seasons.

In yesterday's win against the Bucks, Young received the most minutes he has all year, and responded with 23 points and 6 rebounds. If you are a believer in plus/minus as an indicator of production, then Young was t...
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